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Content Creation For All

Today's youngsters have the power of creating content on any issue, irrrespective of whether it is politics, entertainment or niche. But there's a huge responsibility to avoid spreading fake news and hate content! Listen to my journey of 22 years of how we helped the industry reach this stage of viewers consuming multiple conent, beyond the margins and beyond the mainstream.

TSL Podcast with Sahar Zaman

It's wonderful to speak with young students of Media & Communication. They're the leaders of the next generation of multimedia and I was very happy to help them launch 'The Social Listening' Podcast. REPOST ::: #newsanchor #mitwpu #journalism With ‘THE SOCIAL LISTENING PODCAST’ we're launching a brand new podcast series—produced, anchored and edited by our students This one features Ms SAHAR ZAMAN, independent TV anchor & consulting editor who has been associated with the Times Group, CNN-IBN, India Today TV channel among others @SaharZaman @MITWorldPeaceUniversity #mitwpu #pune #newsanchor #tvnews #anchoring #media #journalism