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Can An Art Fair Ever Be Bad?

 Mareech by Vishal Dar Shapeless by Faig Ahmed   I walk into the 7 th edition of the India Art Fair to check on what’s new, what’s exciting and is there really any progress made in the past seven years! From my trained eye’s point of view, it seems hackneyed. I’ve been going to this fair since it’s inception. I’ve seen a few good years, a few disasters and have maintained that the fair remains mediocre compared to other international art fairs, despite the gushing country wide reviews and the so-called profits made! I’ve seen how prestigious international art galleries participated for the first few years but decided never to return. I’ve also noticed how the size of the fair has reduced. And yes, I’ve had gallerists tell me that it’s been much too bleak with the buyers this time.   Pathway by Stephen Knapp But I’ve decided NEVER to describe an art fair as bad! That’s because it’s an unfair sweeping statement to make. The variety of art that you get to see under one