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Debate on Women’s Reservation, Pay Parity, Homemaker's Income

From women reservation to the new issue of salary for homemakers, there are many new promises every year. But do these actually work or is it mere lip service and tokenism? Sahar Zaman sifts through the noise to get you the real deal on Women’s Day (2021). #womenempowerment #payparity #equalpay #homemakerlife #women_respect_video

Women in Leadership Award

My acceptance speech on being awarded the 'Impactful Woman of the Year' by the platform  #PowerBrands . We're so busy celebrating our privilege as urban educated women that we forget the struggle and survival of rural women from lower class and castes. I stand in solidarity with the abuse victims of Harthras, Unnao, Udipi, Baga, etc who couldn't achieve their dreams and survive the atrocities because they were women.  #womensupportingwomen #womenempowerment #womenleaders 

Cracking The Glass Ceiling

Get to read India's top 10 inspiring journeys of successful women. I loved reading about these  pioneering stories from aviation, real estate, biotechnology, mass media, journalism and arts. Including me        The book is called  'Cracking the Glass Ceiling in High Heels' by author and marketing whizz Shikha Ghosh. Buy the book from - #womensempower  #inspiration   #newsmedia   #arts   #BookReview   #top10  #womenpower

Art Tax in 2007

As a niche beat in television news, I was the only correspondent in India reporting for arts news on CNN - India. But this wasn't your weekend round up of what's trending. It was hard core business news which catered to the interests of a growing investment in paintings and art works. In the year 2007, the Indian Govt decided to hike the Sales Tax on the sale and auction of paintings, since Indian Art had established itself as a profitable market with a proven track record.